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Musebox in the making! Until I get the interior set up, here's my current list of RP accounts:

PLEASE NOTE: Most of these have been ported over or are being created and are still a bit of a disorganized mess as far as layouts, profiles, contact posts and whatnot.

[personal profile] a_chaitlin - Caitlín MacEibhir (The Grey Horse OC)
[personal profile] admiral_adama - Bill Adama (BSG 03)
[personal profile] adopt_hope - Jim Caddon (P.O.W.)
[personal profile] angie_b - Angelique Beaumont (OC)
[personal profile] atleastthematch - Éowyn of Rohan (Lord of the Rings), work in progress
[personal profile] book_of_chels - Chelsea O'Mara (OC)
[personal profile] c_for_caroline - Caroline Todd (Green Wing)
[personal profile] comp_guy_ross - Ross Wilkinson (OC)
[personal profile] di_monty_pippin - Monty Pippin (Keen Eddie)
[personal profile] fey_fire - Rory Stone/Rory MacEibhir (The Grey Horse, mostly OC)
[personal profile] gifted_hands - Tadhg MacEibhir (The Grey Horse, mostly OC)
[personal profile] guided_lost - Darius Madigan (OC)
[personal profile] keyboard_sass - Sascha Brockmann (OC, a member of [personal profile] breaker_street)
[personal profile] kia_holtz - Kia Holtz (BSG 03 OC, also working on strictly OC version)
[personal profile] liammaceibhir - Liam MacEibhir (call him Grey Horse the Next Generation, OC)
[personal profile] miz_keziah - Keziah Forrest (OC, same universe as [personal profile] sonofthewind)
[personal profile] my_soul_to_take - Vicente Huerta (OC, supernatural version)
[personal profile] nate_beaumont - Nathaniel Beaumont (OC)
[personal profile] nereidas_jewels - Nereida Sandoval (OC)
[personal profile] oldmanmyass - A highly AU version of Bill Adama
[personal profile] owen_ellery - Owen Ellery (OC)
[personal profile] rina_evergreen - Rina Ashmuller (OC)
[personal profile] scentsitive - Alien original character in the works, still deciding on a name
[personal profile] seahorse_lady - Caoimhe aka Kiki (Grey Horse the Next Gen OC)
[personal profile] skerry_selchie - Hoyd MacMurchadh (OC)
[personal profile] sonofgranite - Ruairí MacEibhir (The Grey Horse, an AU version can be found at [personal profile] sonofthewind)
[personal profile] thehorseman - Anraí MacEibhir (The Grey Horse, mostly OC)
[personal profile] vince_huerta - Vicente Huerta (OC, "real world" version)
[personal profile] breaker_street - a collective journal for the members of Rory Stone's band, Breaker Street, or at least the five who don't have a journal of their own ... yet.

More may be added later. They do breed, don't they? ;)
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